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Lisa has been using movement and bodywork to help people move and feel better for decades. She has been certified as a Rolfer® since 2003 and has the highest possible levels of Rolfing certification and training (She is both a Certified Advanced Rolfer® and a certified Rolf Movement Practitioner.) She completed a 4-year Feldenkrais Method in 2015 and often weaves principles from that work into her sessions. She also has extensive training in yoga, Pilates, and dance and has taught classes and workshops in functional anatomy and kinesiology for yoga teachers and massage therapists. 

Lisa's clients include athletes and couch potatoes, children and adolescents, young and old, people with orthopedic or neurological issues, and anyone else who wants to improve their ability to sense themselves and to move through the world more comfortably and efficiently.



"Movement is the index of life, its outstanding expression." -- Ida Rolf